Buddhism and Hermeticism 4

For all of Water’s Evolution
to comprehend what has been, and what may come. Water’s
Evolution is all of our now genetic makeup, it is part of all
Beings that originated here, as well as the Star Beings that
have forgotten their deeply rooted pasts. Those of us in this
Universal Family that have just started developing
consciousness after developing millions of years on far away
galaxies, are now influential of this Collective Consciousness.
What is known or learned, will be part of all of us and so we
can hinder or help this growth process. It must be our goal to
assist in conscious creation to make a whole, fully developed

In the days when Jesus walked the earth, the Collective
accepted what we think of as magic. Before this, it was
abundant as we creatively manifested our world to monolithic
beauty and societies that did not have any of the materialistic
desires we now possess. It would’ve been easy to perform the
miracles that Jesus performed, for the Collective accepted
these powers without blocks. Jesus spoke to us and said that
we too, possessed such powers, we must know this. When
organizations (influenced by other than consciousness) took
over and deemed that they alone possessed such powers of
creation, we fell into this false belief, hence infecting the
Collective. Water’s Evolution then believed they reclaimed
their powers of creation through hard sweat and knowledge as
they tinkered and manufactured our societies. Now in modern
eras through industrializations and technological
breakthroughs we believe powers of creation to be performed
by the hand and not consciousness. We cannot grasp that it
must first be consciousness that manifests these creations,
because we believe it can only be done through physical
means. We do not accept when we wish for something and it
manifests, that it was simply our wishes made real. Now the
Collective Consciousness operates as possibilities as many of
us only believe in what we can see, and what we see we need
to explain. The Plane of Possibilities is deeply explained in the
first book, Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution, Spiritually

This is the predicament, we know the truth from
reincarnation to the way in which life manifests, from ghosts
to extraterrestrial life, and yet we do not believe these truths
before our eyes. We accept what we see in the world of
entertainment as false, so that when truth stands right before
us it is incapable for the minds to grasp it. We play along with
what we are told in our religions because it gives us a sense of
being a part of something. On rare occasions some touch
Source and lay witness to truth and are either shunned or
steered back into adherence to the organizations. Now fathom
that this has occurred in many of our reincarnations and you
will truly understand why we have become this way.
Humans are unique in that most of us must be retaught
with each new birth as well as given new consciousness, this
alone shows that we are not only of Universal Mind like the
Insect Kingdoms and some of the Animal Kingdoms. The
Corruption uses this re-teaching is a molding to glue us to
what is accepted reality. For the traditionalist, this may be
most problematic, especially now that as we awaken, we have
parents that raise their children as non-gender identifying
(which is a great way to open us to truth). I can only say to
these societies that expand gender consciousness, please grow.
To become stuck and conditioned is the easiest way to see
only the physical realm and forget all that we are. Our Mental
Constructs are what hold us down from freedom.

To conquer this Wall of Mentalism will take an
understanding of all that we were, are, and will be. We must
confront the Planes of Thoughts, Mentalism, and Knowledge
in specific ways. These paths are more akin to deduction that
outright acceptance, for this is the path that the Buddha
opened for us. We see this deduction in the main three paths of
Buddhism now, for each derivative grasped onto their Leaders
and as each group grew, they began to debate one another’s
concepts of truth. We must look consciously to understand
these paths, for even though they originated at particular times
within our history, there are reasons for this, and I will attempt
to explain. I take liberties to speak on these Schools of
Thought, but I do so from my Conscious Views and do not
call myself a Master known to any branch. I quite well
understand each viewpoint and believe all possess a path to
truth, I do feel that all branches should be encompassed to
realize the full spectrum of the Buddha’s beauty.

Mahayana (Knowledge) 1st Century BCE

Theravada (Mentalism) 3rd Century BCE

Vajrayana (Thoughts) 6th Century BCE

It must be understood that Buddhism derived from a
combination of Vedic and Jainism beliefs, this is encompassed
in what we call Sramana. I spoke of these just before the
Buddha’s awakening. These Branches of Buddhism formed
opposite of the Plane of Mind’s Chart, which is Thoughts,
Mentalism, and Knowledge. I believe this was due to the
Buddha already surpassing Mentalism and that this has
reflected his Consciousness downward into the Physical
Realms. As the Buddha continued his path towards liberation,
his Form struggled to move upwards while simultaneously
holding the weight of all sentient beings, for he was the first to
unlock this path for Water’s evolution. The first also to have
the great compassion to want to, for many before him freely
did this alone. I will give to you the outline of each Branch but
invite you to do your own research to fully realize the
philosophies. Remember if Beings are working from the
physical plane, they must confront the path in this order,
Vajrayana, Theravada, and then Mahayana. Most Masters in
these Schools have accepted all three for they realize truth, but
this cannot be true for all followers.

If you happen to be already associated with a particular
school, then most likely you have already grown past the
Blocks of Mentalism and are now working towards higher
growth. If you are born into a belief structure within any of
these schools and cannot seem to find realization, either one,
you have already achieved the understandings and want to
learn something else, or two, it’s not for you to learn at this
time. Each school is individualized in its structure for
conscious advancement but remember that all Beings possess
Buddha Nature and even in the most remote unsophisticated
tribes there is consciousness.


places great emphasis on the use of certain
tantras and traditional spiritual techniques in order to obtain
enlightenment as quickly as possible. According to Vajrayana
supporters, the ultimate goal of Buddhism can be most
efficiently realized through these practices. At the same time,
some of these techniques are considered too advanced or even
dangerous for the uninitiated. This lends a strong inclination
toward secrecy in Vajrayana and makes it even more difficult
for non-practitioners to understand. Vajrayana Buddhists
claim that their view of Buddhism is identical to that of
Gautama Buddha’s, but consciousness alone holds these truths
and is left for individuals to conceive. Some tantric practices
are, according to Vajrayana, too dangerous for a layman to
learn. They are either prone to abuse, easily misunderstood, or
simply dangerous. This is why Vajrayana believes Gautama
Buddha practiced these techniques himself but did not teach
them to others. As a result, Vajrayana functions somewhat like
a mystery religion: only those properly initiated and sworn to
secrecy can learn the deeper secrets. Needless to say, this lack
of openness makes it extremely difficult for non-practitioners
to learn about Vajrayana. Noted distinctions of Vajrayana
would be:

1. Use of ritual objects
2. Use of meditative visualizations
3. Mandalas or Sacred Designs
4. Mantras or Sacred Chants
5. Prayer Wheels
6. Rosary Prayer Wheels

Through the Plane of Thought we see the real hands on
approach to Buddhism as it is still at the precipice of the
Physical Realm. Many of Water’s Evolution would dedicate
lifetimes in service to these techniques until fully realized.
Many times, awakening occurs far before this as
Consciousness rises. This may also be the place where
conscious beings who have lost their way seek a stricter
control over themselves when needing to self-correct their


emphasizes individual enlightenment, this is
called an Arhat or Arahant, which means “Worthy One” in
Pali. An Arhat is a person who has realized enlightenment and
freed himself from the cycle of birth and death. This is done
by understanding the nature of the self or Anatman. Theravada
teaches the Anatman to mean that an individual’s ego or
personality is bound to delusion. Once freed of this delusion,
the individual may enjoy the bliss of Nirvana. Theravada
teaches that enlightenment comes entirely through one’s own
efforts, without help from gods or other outside forces. The
primary means of realizing enlightenment in the Theravada
tradition is through Vipassana or “insight” meditation.
Vipassana emphasizes disciplined self-observation of body
and thoughts and how they interconnect. Breathing techniques
and observations are very much the way in which the Buddha
meditated. Noted distinctions of Theravada would be:

1. Emphasis on attaining Nirvana through meditation and
a process of perfection through purification
2. Emphasis on the Virtue of Wisdom
3. Encompass the Ideals of an Arhat
4. Buddha is seen as the Supreme Teacher and inspiration
to achieve Nirvanic State
5. Only for a select few, generally Monks and Nuns

Here we find the core of the Plane of Mentalism, it is where
we truly look inward and realize the constant arising and
activities of thought forms. When viewing them as an
Observer we can have many realizations of how we have been
influenced to construct a fabricated world. Consciousness
arises from this disillusion that we have identified with for so
long and we seek to merge this new awakening with our


tradition teaches that all beings inherently
possess Buddha Nature, the seed of awakening and thus
perfecting the qualities of a buddha, these qualities can
remove hindrances to realization even within a single lifetime.
The Mahayana spiritual model is the Bodhisattva, who is
motivated by bodhicitta, the desire to awaken to help all
beings realize their true nature. The Buddha in Mahayana is
eternally present in a pantheon of buddhas, bodhisattvas, and
enlightened beings who can be called on for support.
Mahayana schools teach practitioners to cultivate the
paramitas, qualities such as generosity, morality, patience,
concentration, and wisdom. They understand that all beings
and phenomena are empty of inherent existence and arise only
interdependently. Shunyata, or emptiness, is a central teaching
in the Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom) Sutras,
fundamental texts of the Middle Way school. The related
doctrine of “two truths” holds that the everyday dualistic
world of appearances (relative or conventional reality) and
absolute or ultimate reality (emptiness) are not separate but
one (unified). They adhere to the Yogacara, the Mind-only
school, that asserts that reality in any form is a mental
construct. Continuity of the phenomenal world is ascribed to a
“storehouse” consciousness. Noted distinctions are thus:

1. Emphasis on the compassion of Buddha for all
2. Encompass the Ideals of a Bodhisattva
3. Emphasis on the Buddha Nature

The Plane of Knowledge now expands and encompasses all
living beings in the realization that all life is of importance in
the Conscious Collective. All should survive in a universe free
of suffering and this very realization becomes one of action to
assist in this until all beings are free.

To encompass these schools in a Universal
Consciousness isn’t just to combine them, for each can
individually shed light of the true nature of reality, but to look
beyond the wisdom for what lies beyond. When looking at
Water’s Evolution and its path to Consciousness, we can now
review all that it had gone through to reach this height.
Through Hermes Trismegistus and the Plane of Psyche,
Water’s Evolution gained higher forms of Material
Enlightenment in The Hermetic Philosophy. This ancient
wisdom laid truth to the Universal Mind and all physical
forms it oversaw to create Sentience in the Universe. Once this
was viewed and seeped into Forms, it would awaken the
slumbering Conscious Collective and they would seek to
rejoin once again as a whole within Universal Understandings.
Eventually this calling brought forth individuals who would
awaken to this cause. Over thousands of years Conscious
Beings would awaken and add pieces to this design through
many forms of thought as they struggled because they fought
the Wall of Mentalism. Then the pure love determination of
The Buddha would succeed in finding a way over this hurdle
and open this pathway to all of Water’s Evolution.
We must understand that this Liberation from Form was
so much more, with this realization being gifted into the
Collective, all Beings were able to reincarnate with
Consciousness once again and supersede Water’s Evolution to
take their place as active participants here on Earth. The
Source of Consciousness could freely send its impulses to
Earth’s Evolution, no longer hindered by the Physical Realm.
The Universal Mind and the Source of Consciousness in their
own ways guiding both Evolutions towards a goal of
Universal Consciousness.

I will continue with the Plane of Minds pathway into
further enlightenment once I have been able to join this
understanding with that of the corruption from the Outer
Universe. To start I must explain the multitudes of Sentient
Beings that exist within the Known Universe and beyond, so
that we have a Universal Understanding. It is not my place to
make anyone believe, all that I place within the Collective will
one day be fully grasped, even if it takes a full unveiling one

When the Buddha opened up the pathways to liberation, know
that this wasn’t just done here on Earth. All of Water’s
Evolution that shared the same genetic makeup across the
Known Universe now had the ability to become Conscious.
Whereas before blocked at Mentalism and not able to proceed.
This influenced Star Beings across the Physical and
Dimensional Levels of the universe. As with The Universal
Mind opening its fold to Hermes Trismegistus, The Source of
Consciousness now did so with Siddhartha Gautama.
Many stories will continuously arise about these two
Beings, but their path like many others must be realized for us
to awaken to Universal Consciousness. Hermes brought forth
Alchemy, Astrology, Science, and Medicine. Whereas the
Buddha brought forth Compassion, Truth, Realization, and
Liberation from Suffering. Touched individually by the Left
and Right hand of The Omni-Conscious, we are able to truly
contemplate our Dual Evolution.

To conquer this Barrier of Mentalism, three Planes must
collectively be unblocked to those of Water’s Evolution. The
Planes of Thoughts, Mentalism, and Knowledge can appear to
be a difficult hurdle, fortunately many of us from Earth’s
Evolution are part of The Collective Consciousness and need
not achieve this. However, on the rarest occasion there could
be Beings that identify so deeply with Water’s Evolution and
are not corrupted by The Outer Universe. This could be
continued lifetimes in industrialized rich societies, or existing
completely within their mental construct of the world.

I now Bring Hermetic Law into realization of Buddha True Realizations,

Liberation awakened for All Beings. I realize this is not taught within Buddhist Thought, but I know it will be opened to all how have the ability to hear this wisdom. This is only to add to The Collective Consciousness, for any who follow these paths can only be enhanced in their wisdoms. Our True Evolution to realize The Absolute takes many paths, yet our true awakening come only when we learn of their true connections. Universal Awakening is always the goal.

Thank you,

Peaceful Journeys.



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