How This Universe Manifested (The Absolute) Part 6

This now laid the groundwork for the evolving Known
Universe. All stories that we tell are generally
associated with these past experiences as Mystics tap
into fragments of The Collective Consciousness. All
Galactic Beings residing in the residue of our
manifested forms expressing their individual
experiences of what was. But all with New
Consciousness and reassembling towards Absolute
Truth. The Greater Beings will manifest through a
variety of Planes and become known as Gods to the
early evolutions on earth. Primordial Elementals
(Titans) will come forth from The Plane of Chaos and
wage wars as early evolutions lay witness. We would
inevitably submit to these greater powers and many
times worship their grandeur not realizing our place
within this design. Which far exceeds all Beings born
prior to us.

We will individually create understandings
through our separate experiences, this will become
accepted truth for the current civilizations. Names of
all Beings and Entities will process through many
lifetimes and constantly be given new names and
titles. Two among The Dark Dragons will even
incarnate on Earth through a later realization to give
wisdom to those who walked the Conscious Paths.
All Creationism stories that have “Primordial
Waters” or “Birthing from Chaos” beliefs gives to us
an insight into this. These are of a time when The
Titans warred with Greater Elementals looked at by
us as Deities. These Beings inhuman-like qualities
were because they were of the Elemental Planes, and
in many events possessed control over specific
elements. The Dark Beings would later seek to control
our societies as many types of Warlike Deities that
demanded our service. While Good Deities led by a
host of Natural Greater Elementals that influenced

earth consciousness as a counterbalance. Then this
time will pass. The Grand Beings will lead us for a
brief period which will be spoken of in later chapters.
We would later have The Higher Elementals
attempt to lead us towards greater understandings.
Holy Beings walked among us as Psyche Beings
structured our societies. Men if white garbs
personally walking among societies and doing great
amount of good. They will haunt our ancient
literature with obscurities that will stay rewritten by
Visionaries and Empathic Mystics far past the time of
occurrence. Then they will leave us.

Next, for the first-time earth will produce its
own Greater Beings. They will lead in both good and
bad ways and will be met with the arrival of Star
Beings. All attempting to stake their claim in our
survival. Though we have been left alone (it seems) to
prosper, it does not mean that they are not observing
our actions. The fight has been taken to dimensions
and realms that we are awakening to. Those left are
The Holy Alliance and The Plane of Dark. I will
impart more of what The Conscious Collective knows,
and still The Absolute Laws were in manifestation.



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