Venus and Fertility Worship

Our Planetary Logos and Civilizations

We must look beyond what we have decided was
the formation of our Solar System. For if we are to
look at it through Consciousness, we will see the
building and restructuring of particles urged by the
reincarnation of our Sun as it came into Being. This
was done by manifesting harmoniously into a design
befitting The Suns reflection for Conscious Growth.
Conscious expansion is the intention of our Solar Logo
and has been before conception. All Planetary Bodies
that reside within our Solar System, is a fragmented
seed from Our Logo. They are thus considered
extensions of Our Solar Logo, much like that of our
arms or hands. Sentience within our portion of The
Universe, if within our Solar System, is of our Solar
Logo. If Star Beings outside of our Solar System
(though originating from our Solar Logo), they are
from events that sought to disrupt our Solar Logo
during his formation (though some unintentionally).
Though originally of his creation. I explained this in
the segment on Star Beings within my second book.
We travel throughout our Solar System seeking
to find remnants of past life and civilizations. Ancient
Wisdom has already given to us the direction far
before our Rover and Satellite missions. Our
hypothesizing and theorizing are due to our deep
seeded knowledge seeking to manifest Absolute
Truth. We have diverged our minds and consciousness
relentlessly, for this, The Collective Consciousness
thanks you.


We exist in forms that supersede that of current
knowledge. Scientology has said that as Spirits, we
can either exist as the tiniest particle within the deep
reaches of the brain, or we can expand ourselves to
beyond planetary proportions. It is through this
concept, that the realization of our boundlessness can
come from. But much like many schools of thought, it
can either free you, or contain you in Relative
Realities that lack further conscious expansion. Yet it
hints to the capabilities of all Conscious Beings.
Our Planetary Logos can also be viewed as such.
For they have walked among us in early creation in
their smallest of forms, though for us, they were of
course still bigger than life as Gods. The only true
way to view these host of complexed personalities
from our past is to consciously view the lives the
current societies lived. Those of The Collective, sought
harmony and growth while those of The Outer
burdened us with wars and destruction.
We have overtime, placed personal qualities to
these Planets from what we perceived them to be. Of
course, these personality traits may be considered
true, for we possess these traits as well and consider
them human qualities. This does not mean that they
were forever present. Their conflicts that we have
made into great stories were of times when they were
misinterpreted. Greater Entities from The Outer
Universe also struggled to control us, a concept we

were not able to comprehend at the time. I do not
believe we should rewrite this literature, but we
should raise our consciousness to see through such

The Children of our Solar Logos walked among us throughout time. But once our Planetary Logo was ready to receive us they were given the command to cease direct influence. This was so we could hence prosper towards our own outcome. One of these Grand Beings never seems to get the full recognition of here incredible contribution, Venus

Fertility Worship

In 2018 a Christian Website published an article on
The Rise of Witches in The United States of America.
It stated that this number was dramatically increased
since 1990 and could well estimate in the numbers of
1.5 million currently. The Website had a very
“cautious eeriness” to it. It warned that Witches could
possibly outnumber the 1.4 million mainland
Presbyterians. Of course, the site used the politically
correct subtext of Wiccan in parenthesis. But I still
have doubts about their claims. Practitioners of The
Wise Craft are generally not the types to see a poll
and decide to add their opinions to it. If anything, it
would be a group of younger folks that are just
seeking to stir things up. Let us just say that I’m
giving this article “an out”.

Our Planetary Logo Venus (later known as
Aphrodite) walked among us last within the years
from 70,000-25,000 BCE roughly. Statues of Venus
were found all around the areas of Indo-European
Territories. Early Greek, Germanic, Norse, Slavic,
Celtic, and Baltic people were graced with The
Venusian Goddess which had strong long-lasting
effects in their cultures. Thus, theories that the
Venuses represent an ancient, widespread cult of
“fertility magic” are oversimplifications. Fertility
Goddess worship may be associated with a wide range
of phenomena involving women, such as maturation,
menstruation, copulation, pregnancy, birth, and
lactation. These Cultures generally possessed strong
women capable of meeting her counterpart on equal

terms in most societal needs, even in earlier tribes
Leading their groups.
These Peaceful Grand Beings took charge of our
growth during the time after most of the past
influences from The Star Beings, Chaos Beings from
the Plane of Dark, and The Chaotic Elementals were
temporarily purged from our earth. It was after The
Deluge and around the time we began our
repopulation. They were left to no longer contend with
The Holy Beings and Psyche Beings that moved
throughout our Solar System before this time.
Mars was left depleted from the catastrophic
damage from The Psyche Beings wars and no longer
possessed the means to have life. Even our Moon
suffered from this war being the closest to Earth, it
was fought over and depleted of life’s sustainability.
Many Psyche Beings lost their now fully physical
forms and were forced to remain on The Moon as
spirits until they were deemed able to be reprocessed.
They would slowly over the course of thousands of
years be admitted into our Earth’s Evolutionary
Cycles and then become fragmented into our forms.

Now having little knowledge of their past lineage and
no longer of the Plane of Psyche. But their seeds still
having an aggressiveness and a great inclination
towards technological growth and forgotten secrets of
dark arts. There are many reasons as to why Mystics
rarely let out this information, the Moon is always
seen as secrecy among many. Yet how are we to grow
if its not brought into Consciousness.
The Grand Beings were assigned to assist us
through this complex time and attempt to find a
balance of these multiple seeds in our evolutions. This
to Venus was creating a feminine balance to male
domination qualities here. She influenced a love for
nature and its qualities in hopes that consciousness
would connect it to harmony in The Absolute Truth.
Most Grand Beings have a host of Greater Elementals
and their followers in their liege. We will see this in a
reflection of how we honored the earth and its
elements in these earlier civilizations.
This would be a peaceful existence within these
areas, for humankind was able to learn of their
sanctity here on earth. Not to say there wasn’t war,
but it would be seen as a necessity not as a need.
Venus always knew that her presence would be
temporary, even if she gained great protective
qualities towards us.

She would eventually leave, and humankind
was left to take what she graced to us and continue to
grow. She would be followed by brief periods of Saturn
(known as Cronos), Jupiter (later known as Zeus),
Neptune (later known as Poseidon), and Pluto (later
known as Hades). They would also only stay within
70,000 to 25,000 years ago. Each bringing different

energies to their leadership and humankind would
fabricate great stories of The Heavens through their
connection with us. Once this brief period was over,
humankind became dependent on The Greater
Elementals and even created them into
personifications of The Grand Beings that once graced

Humans would overtime place great conscious
energy on Greater Elementals which would reflect
their current understandings. This could be peaceful
for a time but could also become aggressive as we see
in the restlessness of Viking cultures. We are as said
the only Beings born with Seeds of Manifestation.
This is better understood as powers of creation, as we
placed these Identifications on these worshipped
Greater Beings, they in turn reflected what we
wanted. We in essence give them new life and they
become Sub-Conscious. Their existence solely
dependent on our belief in them, and we never fully
comprehended this.

Fertility Worship would spread throughout the
world, but we are made most aware of it in Europe,
North Africa, the Middle East, and throughout
various parts of Asia. They generally will see
depictions of a Goddess in equal authority with a
Male figure. For it initially expressed a unification of
the sexes and the view of a universal connection to all.
All of Nature, Humankind, and Life’s Processes were
meant to be experienced and enjoyed. It drew us into
making experience factual, the rain on our faces, the
smells of nature, and the passion of intercourse was
for us to experience and enjoy. The Goddesses (which
would later manifest) were connected variously with
pregnancy, birth, ritual marriage, and command over
wild animals. Images of stylized female breasts
similar to Upper Paleolithic figurines would also be
found. The principal deity of this goddess represented
in three forms, as a young woman, a mother giving
birth, and an old woman. There are also several
images of twin goddesses, with one of the two
portrayed in the process of giving birth.
We fell into loss around the time that Males
became insecure over their place within this belief
structure. There became a misconception over birth in

general, for it appeared that Females were given
powers of creation far superior to that of Males. Not
conscious enough to realize that both had equal part
in conceptualization. There would arise civilizations
where Males would begin to aggressively assert their
superiority and hence diminish the qualities of their
counterparts. Their Gods (The Greater Elementals
now), would now reflect this into their belief systems.
Zeus (A Greater Air Elemental) was given a story of a
hostile takeover from his Father Cronos to now lead
the heavens with his Brother Poseidon (Greater
Water) and Hades (Greater Earth). Aphrodite (Lesser
Water) becoming a Lesser Deity in this Patronage.
This omitting of Female Equality was already
occurring before the Christian Revolution in these
parts of the world. It was an infection from The Outer
Universe on a global scale, we would see this effect
uprising in all three Conscious Paths at once.
The Fertility Worship would be left to become a
sub-belief in a larger forming Patronage. It played a
central role in the worldwide transition from small scale social organization to the emergence of
civilizations in India, the ancient Near East, Greece,
Rome, China, and Japan. In these complex
agricultural societies female deities have been
variously linked to the fertility of crops, the
sovereignty of kingship, the protection of urban
ceremonial centers, and at times the waging of
warfare against enemies. It became less about its true
unification and became one of Granting Blessings for

They now survive in belief structures such as
Wiccan, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Neopaganism, and influenced The Hellenistic Belief around 300
BCE. Like all Conscious Paths I will discuss, Fertility
Worship will go from monotheist concepts of many
gods to a period of forming a polytheist revival. It
would begin around 2000 BCE and continue to
reinvent itself to 200 BCE. This would again be from
the Greek, Germanic, Norse, Slavic, Celtic, and Baltic
people. But now with the added authoritarian Roman
belief structure.
Venus would be reinvented in so many diverse
ways, yet it would never be of the True Grand Goddess anymore. Though every so often these
reinventions would point into a direction of what was
seen only as a Planet. But this was as far as the
current Mystics could conceive.

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