How This Universe Manifested (The Absolute) Part 3

As the Grand Beings (what we view as Galaxies)
began to take shape and Chaos receded to Order, The
Universe was silent for a time and these Beings were
able to awaken to their forms and dominions.
Throughout this time span they breathed new life into
their forms and grew, imparting their consciousness.
But time would come to pass when expansion would
cease without movement. With this, Consciousness
began to arise within these Grand Beings. Though
still developing, they began to move beyond Form and
reached towards deeper understandings. This
reaching and expanding their consciousness brought
forth the next Absolute Law.

The 4th Absolute Law states Consciousness must
Realize Consciousness to manifest Growth. Those
of Unconsciousness may know of Forms, as those
of Consciousness may know of Consciousness.

All of what manifests in the physical world is
“Of Consciousness,” though not necessarily
“Conscious.” Only Consciousness “Realizing Self” will
manifest Conscious Growth. Entities residing outside
Consciousness were now given the ability to learn of
Forms, being able to prosper within The Known
Universe. Apportioning these oppositional forms to
prosper presented an equalizing platform for what
was to come.

With the first born realizing the presence of the
Omni-Conscious, the Omni-Conscious was able to
manifest within The Known Universe as The Source
of Consciousness and The Universal Mind. With this,
the Omni-Conscious brought forth the next stage of
development through Life (of Consciousness) and
Force (of Mind). The Universe erupted and Gravity
Manifested from its former slumbering state.

Gravity moves through consciousness, thus
where Gravity reside so does Consciousness. Gravity
resides as an immeasurable dense sea that will never
be seen directly through physical means, yet we
realize its manifestation through witnessing its effects
upon the physical realm. All that holds us to Form is
of Consciousness in origin. Gravity is reflective of this
from The Omni-Conscious, maintained through its
Reflective here within The Universe. Thus, reflective
to all forms manifesting seeds of Consciousness.
Where there is Gravity, there is Consciousness with 
various degrees controlling its movements. In the
event that there is a lack of Consciousness residing,
then there will inevitably be a lack of Gravity.
If anyone has viewed True Levitation in action,
they are viewing a Conscious Being relinquishing
themselves from planetary gravity and placing it on
themselves. It is the Consciousness of The Logos
which places Gravity to Form and is reflective of this
original stream. We have thus been seeking a path
beyond our Solar System without realizing that it is
the will of our Logo which hold us here for purpose.

Every Being born to Consciousness holds their Forms
together through this gravitational origination. It is
gravitational commandment that all Perfected Beings
utilize in the creation of form. These last two lines are
left for later realizations.

With this, expansion had thus begun as these
original Seeds dislodged and moved freely into The
Known Universe. With this expansion also, came the
lifespans of Galaxies and Solar Systems, ever
transmigrating (reincarnating) forward across the
universe at the will of The Omni-Conscious. Overtime,
the Omni-Conscious receded back into The Absolute,
as The Omnipotent Design was in place and the
fourth Absolute Law would not form while present.
There it remained, as its reflections The Source of
Consciousness and The Universal Mind which
imparted the Absolute Laws into The Universe and its

The Universe and its Beings left to advance,
these Absolute Laws manifested as Consciousness
progressed. A variety of manifestations occurred
throughout this time period without the guidance of
The Omni-Conscious. Many Beings of Consciousness
began to develop separational qualities and attempted
to avoid the destructive energies that would end their
current way of existence. Galaxies sought out
alliances that would give to them a longer prosperous
existence and attempted to not expand further. This
brought into Consciousness that all is for a purpose in
the next Absolute Law.

The 5th Absolute Law is that The Absolute is
“what is”, all manifestations within are of
Consciousness. Whether we conceive them as 
Dark or Light they are of one in nature and thus
supportive of a singular goal.

These Grand Beings continued with their self-preservation. If colliding, should new life solidify into
larger forms, then it was through the intention of
those Galaxies. Should destruction occur, it could be
from aggression towards one another or manipulation
of The Outer Universe unforeseen. For the first time
in our Conscious Lineage, self-perseverance over
shadowed Absolute Law and what we conceive to be
Free-Will was manifested. Some Grand Beings no
longer wished to follow Absolute Law and sought to
build on their alliances to prosper to their choosing.
Eventually and inevitably passing, they would impart
this Altered Realization into the current Conscious
Collective. Giving henceforth new reincarnations this
seed to progress freely for self-preservation. Which
would set the stage for a revitalization of The Outer
Universes progression.

“We prize ourselves for what we call “Free Will” but must realize that this is fundamentally the consciousness imparted to us through the conscious transmigration of make-up within our ancient physical forms.”

More to come…


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