Star Beings in The Known Universe 6

We will now look at Beings that possess space travel abilities
but aren’t considered Star Beings from the Collective
Universe. It should be noted that many Elementals are able to
travel into the Physical Realm and then back to their home
plane at will. They exist in a world full of duties and
responsibilities to tend to the Physical Realm not just on this
planet but all within the universe that is prospering and
engaging with their Galactic Consciousness. I am hesitant to
speak of these Beings but need to shed the light of
Consciousness on them.


The Reptilians or Reptoids race of
Beings are human looking lizard creatures that can
shape shift. They are also known as dinosauroids,
lizardfolk, lizardmen Saurians alpha draconians, and
Sauroids. Reptilians are tall, around 7 to 9 feet, have
green scaly skin, three long fingers and an opposable
thumb with talons on the ends, holes for ears,
muscular legs and arms, and large eyes. There have
been reports of Reptilians with and without tails,
with and without wings, and hidden genitalia. They
have been sighted wearing very little clothes except
for armor but are always seen with some sort of
utility belt said to be used to help them become
invisible. Reptilians are a very dangerous alien
species that are bent on the domination of Earth.
They are very intelligent, known as evil, have
telekinetic powers and have a warlike mentality that
has driven them to secretly incorporate subterfuge
when taking on their activities. There are different
theories as to where the Reptilians actually come
from, and this has led to the concept that they have a
place in the Collective. They originated in The Plane
of Chaos far before the Known Universe began to
manifest. I cannot at this time speak of their creation
but will at a later time. They have made settlements
in the Alpha Draconis star system of the Orion


Synthetics are biomechanical
individuals who allegedly carry out the tasks of the
Reptilians but have developed a functioning order to
their existence. Similar to what’s known as an EBE,
or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, the synthetics
are considered part animal often and part machine,
or robot. The synthetics are made to look like
humans or sometimes even Gray aliens when it suits
the Reptilians’ purposes and agendas. Perhaps most
bizarre of all, consciousness knows that the
Reptilians inhabit or possess the synthetics with evil
spirits, such as poltergeists, dark spirits, and fallen
spirits. In addition to this, this race is now known to
use artificial intelligence devices or organisms,
similar to drones, that don’t have any biological
organs. They exist now in conflict with the artificial
intelligence as a growing member of their societies.
This is what is known to Consciousness, all other Beings may
be derivatives or pockets of dimensional evolutions. They may
be spurts of Created Life by Higher Beings, or even a
collection of Elementals rebelling against Order.

These are
Beings that exist within The Known Universe and have the
capacity to affect its structure, for they are free sentient
beings. The Reptilians are not as massive as believed to be,
they developed far before Consciousness and have developed
technology to hide from even the most Conscious Awareness.
Their numbers have dwindled as The Outer Universe feeds off
their hiding places and they can no longer move among the
Holy Alliance.

All I presented to you I realize may be hard to absorb, it
is not your time should you find this topic unfeasible. It is
Intelligence which blocks this for many reasons already
explained, without physical proof there can be no
comprehension without conscious effort. When the time
comes when all is made apparent, then we as a civilization
will have to confront this truth and go through the phases of
fear. I only wish to bring this forth into the Collective so that
this will be absorbed easier.
There was a time just recently when we accepted
understanding planetary visitations, there has been massive
events of Star Beings seeking to connect that have suddenly
been silenced to the world. We now joke about the fake
replications all over the media that clearly disillusions the
world. Perhaps soon these reasons will be made known.


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