Star Beings in The Known Universe 5


the Sirians are part of the alien-cultures who
assist Earth and all its inhabitants (Humans,
Animals and Nature). Sirians are spiritual warriors,
and strongly connected to life-forms of dolphins and
whales. There is a growing movement to inhabit
these forms when we reincarnate through the
Collective, as what are called Star Seed Races. This
is only made possible by advanced technologies,
generally when an awakened soul understands the
importance to Earth’s Evolution they decide to come
back to Source. Sirians are hardworking but
subservient in mentality, extremely kind natured but
not well at originating creative thoughts. They
originate from the Sirian Cluster. They are dog-like
humanoids with scaly dark-skinned, have dark
pronounced eyes, yet produce a feeling of
peacefulness when seen. The Elder among them can

take on the appearance of a collection of earth’s lost species.

Next, we will look at Beings that we have come to believe are
Star Beings, they come to us in the beauty and light displays
we have come to expect. Never once being able to consciously
perceive truth, these Beings do not necessarily cause harm.
Some have developed into strong helping societies through
our believing in them and giving them our creative powers.
Others are self-sustained and strong societies, we just misplace
their true home territories.


mostly blond in hair color, they give off
the look of a traditional exceptionally tall Nordic.
They have loose contact with the Pleiadians and
other groups via ancient ancestral ties, since the
Telosians bare elemental ties like the Pleiadians.
The key difference is that The Telosians, are of Air’s
Evolution. We have yet to discuss Air’s and Fire’s
Evolution because they are cousins to Earth’s and
Water’s Evolution. Their Evolution was fully encompassed in
their plane of existence and already possessed high
forms of Society. For many different reasons, they
are bound to the Physical Realm and placed here for
either punishment or betterment. During this time,
they attempt to aggrandize themselves to Humans
for protection by fabricating Star Being myths.

Nordic Lyrians:

Starting once again from the
Atlantean Age, The White Magi existed with a two class system. One class was considered the
Spiritualist and the other was the Warrior Class. The
Atlanteans were an advanced society which is well
known, when fleeing earth during the Atlantean
Wars they travelled via a crystalized machine that
created pocketed dimensional portals. These portals
opened gateways to habitable worlds, they would
jump these portals many times until they settled
within the Pleiadian Cluster. Once settled, The
Spiritualist Class was free to advance their
Consciousness and become what they are today. The
Warrior Class became the Lyrians and settled while
developing a very warrior class society due to the
onslaught of Corruption from the Outer Universe for
hundreds of thousands of years. Lyrians are a race of
sentient, lupine, bipedal beings, our stories of
Werewolves come to mind. They possess Nordic
Like features as well, a semblance of their earthlike
heritage and can appear fully human though
extremely well built. As they age however, they take
on aggressive lupine like qualities that are very
uniquely individualized. Technologically advanced
they are a society that embraces armor and
cybernetic weaponry. They have attempted
Conscious Advancement on many occasions, but
believe they have a mission to physically defend that
particular portion of the universe.

Next Reptilians and Synthetics…


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