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Mindfulness; Water’s Evolution, Understanding Form

Continuing with my Series on Universal Consciousness, I now move us into realizing our dual natures in a universally comprehensive, yet very easy to absorb way. This book is soon to be completed and will set the stage for the last in the trilogy. Enjoy this preview! Soon I will be set for full launch, I’m very excited to present this next chapter!

Chapter 1 Intelligence/Consciousness

Consciousness is given very distinct traits within the overall scheme of the Known Universe. The Logical Mind will for the most part seek to deny this, for to do so would be to acknowledge its false sense of superiority it has fought so hard to maintain. Consciousness is active in manifesting its physical design by the purest of will alone, whereas Intelligence must do so through manipulation of matter. When evolving, both completely capable of performing these tasks within their own way. Consciousness can evolve with much more expediency and without the hinderance of forming its needs, but to simply manifest its growth. We see this every day in the way the people we know transform their physical forms completely by their consciousness alone. Especially during times when they become ill and are faced with the reality that their lifestyles are causing their conditions. Some will transform to live, others will decide not to and move on. This is of course in considering that they have such choices and that their conditions are curable through their belief and will. These are situations where it takes only consciousness to transform, one week of conscious effort can astound those around us.

          Intelligence can do such transformations through long term activities. Body Builders are one example, strict adherence over elongated timespans will produce an outward appearance of a perfected physique. These pathways will generally take incredible tolls on the physical form as they must maintain an overall structure to their lives. Pushing the bar far beyond its means and disciplined specifically in areas of the body that is incapable of functioning beyond its condition. These are generally the competitive sports throughout the world. For they compete to entertain, and they enhance themselves through knowledge of manipulating the physical form. These two forms of evolution are conjoined with many of the Eastern Martial Arts and some of the Yogic practices. A time when Consciousness and Mind worked towards balancing the physical form. The choice would always be to decide which pathway to continue on when reaching a pinnacle point of their development. Evolution, Consciousness, and Intelligence has always had an undefined co-existence.

          True consciousness is undiscovered by most of the world, they are thus far content to use titles such as Self-Consciousness or Awareness. The field that seems to be most intrigued about it at this time is Quantum Physics, for they have branched off onto a field of discovery that has given them systematic puzzles to ponder. Which may later allot for insights that the rest of the logical world would consider or even accept. They have already found what many spiritual beings have said for thousands of years that consciousness creates matter. This realization is tough to accept for the physical world, nothing so far in life is considered to be so simple. For surely if a Greater Being created something from nothing out of thin air, it would literally be blocked by Minds to accept this. It is very easy to say one believes, but much harder to accept this as true.

          The Omni-Consciousness granted those of Water’s Evolution this gift at key stages within the earth’s development. Each time coinciding with the formation of Organisms within Earth’s history that would be able to propel life forward. These are what we call “Conscious Impulse”, during this time life was granted temporary conscious powers to survive, but few beings to take on true consciousness. With consciousness granted at these key moments the life that existed was able to transform rapidly to survive further onslaughts of cosmic nature. However, these lifeforms did not have much of a lifespan and would soon to die out leaving the Universal Mind to continue superficially structuring their evolution.       

            Consciousness in Water’s Evolution is directly related to the seven prime Chakra Points. It is here that they were able to find their way to spiritual freedom millenniums back. Consciousness in the end being possessed and not inherited, so that those unwilling to do the work would not be given this sacred gift. The very difference to Earth’s Evolution is that we derive from The Omni-Consciousness and are born into existence as Conscious Beings. Water’s Evolution is derived from Universal Mind and must work towards consciousness.

Perhaps this graph can help with understanding. Within this graph is Water’s Evolution to the right and Earth’s Evolution on the left spoke of in my first book. Though tricky to fully comprehend, do not believe that each element is unto themselves but is just represented on this chart for a better understanding. Note that Water’s evolution hails from The Source of Mind, whereas Earth’s evolution The Source of Consciousness. Though later they both will meet within the Higher Kingdoms. Earth will eventually become the Plane of Spirit, and Water already achieving the Plane of Mind manifested. It is because of this that Water’s Evolution does not arrive at consciousness until later within their evolutionary scheme. Within our Known Universe consciousness is developed within this next chart.

The first path will show Water’s Evolution to consciousness. Once the groundwork is laid, the 2nd path is then able to manifest and bypass the 1st which is us and the Earth’s Evolution. The third path reserved for all that have achieved Liberation from Forms.

          What are these differences of Consciousness within both evolutions? There isn’t any, consciousness is one and cannot be divided. Our individual movement on this cycling is dependent upon our realization of Forms, Mind, and Spirit alone. Water’s evolution was very complexed being associated with the Mind and Psyche Plane, in addition being corrupted as we are now with the Dark Plane’s influence. We will see very complex theories developing, shaded with deep philosophical insights during these times. Those Sages and Rishi’s capable of transmigrating to Greater Being status, found it easier to leave the physical world to their own means and find solemn and refuge far and away. We see these writings in the earliest forms of Vedanta, yet even these teachings were formulated at a much earlier stage in earth’s development. We see continued advancements form early Hermetics into Gnostic philosophy, and Occult understandings branching into Astrology and Alchemist theories.

          In truth Water’s Evolution reached its pinnacle in what we call Heart Consciousness, all later realizations were the search to develop into higher forms of awareness. Heart Consciousness manifested with the final development of the Heart Chakra. Those Beings capable of seeing beyond this were what was expressed in later teachings. It’s important to note that the Heart Chakra brought with it the compassion humans needed to grow in a more unified way, so this could be seen far before we could intelligently verbalize it. Lemurians and Atlanteans both possessed Heart Consciousness, for we see this in their societies. It wouldn’t be until later that Eastern Societies would lay out an understanding that could be shared for all to realize. Although earlier ages of The Polarian and Hyperborean were of Earth’s Evolution they were still much too engrossed in consciousness from their initial developmental stages. They came onto earth with a complete sense of oneness and only lost this through the fall of later stages. They later had to relearn Heart Consciousness from Water’s Evolutionary Track. Although written with the intent to define Consciousness, it does in fact define Intelligence here in this following literature.

 From Taught Literature

Our Rainbow Body is in reality, the perceptual clothing our souls or beings wear while inhabiting this planet called earth. It is very interesting to note that the following map of human consciousness on multiple levels of intelligence.

Red – Physical Intelligence – The ability to perceive the universe and understand it through the five senses. Knowing how to take care of one’s body and health, exercise, diet, sport, healing and medical intelligence.

Orange – Social Intelligence – The ability to associate and understand oneself in relationship to others. Leadership abilities, the ability to nurture relationships and maintain friendships, conflict resolution skills, and social analysis, the ability to understand other people.

Yellow – Intellectual Intelligence – Our rational and analytical ability to organize information. Logical thinking ability, problem solving, sequential organization, the ability to see inconsistencies, weigh opposites and make judgments.

Green – Emotional Intelligence – Also known as heart intelligence, this is the science of understanding one’s emotions and feelings which mix all the other levels of intelligence into what might be called a “feeling” intelligence.

Blue – Conceptual Intelligence – The perceptual world of memory, ideas, concepts and meaning. The ability to form mental models that incorporates entire fields of information.

Indigo – Intuitive Intelligence – The ability to cut through ‘mental’ fields of knowing to the essence. Intuition is the perceptual power of direct perception. Here we just simply know without knowing how we know. Einstein was a champion of the intuition. He said, “I think with intuition.”

Violet – Imaginative Intelligence – Is in one aspect an aspect of our highest intelligence, the ability to form and communicate with images. This is the level of creative intelligence, the ability to form something from nothing. Referred to this as spatial, musical and artistic intelligence. With the primordial power of the imagination we constantly recreate external reality somewhere between our two ears. We literally see with our imaginations.

Color Psychology is about how our personalities are structured and formed around our conscious or unconscious absorption of light. Our vehicles of light or “light body” are absorbing the cosmic light through the prism of the chakra system. We absorb, mix, and eventually re-radiate out this light. This process that is going on deep within us and makes us very much who and what we are.

End Literature

This literature is taken out of context because I wanted us to see how still today the mind continues to search even though most knowledge has been made aware of. It’s important to note that the colors coincide with the Etheric Body and Chakra Points. There was a very strong effort to connect the two through Intellect alone. In doing so attempting to define consciousness in new light. Yet in reality this could best be defined as Self-Consciousness rather than Consciousness. There has been an ongoing theme within Water’s Evolution to understand that which is considered Unconscious. Believing oneself Conscious, Unconscious becomes that which is hidden. This is at odds with a True Conscious Being, for consciousness is to know all that is, unconscious is simply to no longer be conscious. Here you will find distinct differences within the two evolutions, and the confusions which occurred once Conscious Beings manifested in the physical plane. The Plane of Mind was forming with the influence of The Plane of Psyche, and so there was a continued aggressive growth “to know, to understand” which still can be impressive today.

It is the act of not accepting “what is” that causes Water Beings to dwell in areas that Conscious Beings would never tread. Where Earth Beings were primarily of Lemuria, Water Beings were in power in Atlantis. Their interest in technology and the most ancient dark arts kept them in a continued spiral of wanting to know more, which Dark Beings loved to entice them and place them further at loss. Later, when the survivors of Atlantis sought to reform their societies, Star Beings heard this call and assisted briefly. Star Beings are of Water’s Evolution as well, and so much that was taught was for their understandings and gave no weight to the Earth Evolutionary Beings. These technologically advanced beings were incapable of seeing right in front of them that Water’s Evolution was now merged with Earth’s Evolution. That both evolutions now coincided within the same form as human. They did not know the working of consciousness but was intrigued with the Atlantean development and at the same time at fear of the possibility’s humans can possess.

These Star Beings would place a structure of understanding in place that would be designed to hinder our spiritual growth while strengthening them in incredible ways. Allowing them to dominate the globe in some ways still today. Just one in the many obstacles we as Conscious Beings have. Earth’s Evolution comes as an advancement of the developing Higher Chakra Points. Imagine all that is of the body, centered on the heart and below as belonging to Water’s Evolution. Yet all that is above the heart ruled by Earth’s Evolution. 

I feel I must give a brief outline of Reincarnation once again to continue, though it was covered more extensively in the first book. However, I must add two new understandings to be able to move forth.

  1. Collective Beings Reincarnate, they are able to gain new consciousness and apply this to their future development.
  2. Outer Beings Incarnate, they are corrupted by the Outer Universe and thus not given any new consciousness upon their incarnations until they are free from this cycle.
  3. Perfected Beings Manifest, Incarnate, and Reincarnate depending upon their reasonings. They Manifest when creating Avatars, this can be achieved to any place within the Universe that is known to them, if not known then they cannot. They Incarnate when merge with a Planetary Evolution, when doing this they have accepted existing within a direct region of the Universe until that portioned area achieves collective freedom. Lastly, they Reincarnate, they must live out a single life but are free Conscious Beings after the body ends. They do this to experience the overall understandings of the forms. Perfected Beings only hail from The Higher Hierarchies and these abilities are of Consciousness alone.
  4. Star Beings technologically control their life cycles through various forms of memory transplant, bioengineering, or cybernetic advancements. Star Beings physically travel throughout the universe which can be from dimensional, teleportational, or physical. Any advance form of manipulation of matter to transport themselves. These Beings will not hail from Consciousness but can easily be of a kind alignment for the better percentage of them. There are limits to the distances they can travel, so will generally keep close records of universal movements and their windows of opportunities to explore vast amounts of their areas. Star Beings hail from a most ancient of Water’s Evolution and are of Mind alone.

I wanted to present this so that we can have a clearer understanding of the impacts some of these beings have had on our development both Consciously and Intelligently. We can also now give placement to some of our greatest leaders within the past and future. Examples being Hermes Trismegistus, as one who’s impactful wisdoms can easily be placed deriving from deep in Mind’s, and thus Water’s Evolution. Another note to The Emerald Tablets for those familiar is the Greater Beings that reside deep within Pyramids, these beings are in a comatose status and therefore not of the regulatory cycles of Earth’s Conscious Beings. The Anunnaki, Star Beings easily defined as Water’s Evolution. Krishna and Buddha, speaking from Consciousness and thus towards Earth’s Evolution. The Buddha, being unique because he began in Water’s Evolution and surpassed it in Earth’s Evolution, while doing so creating a path for others to follow. Greater Beings spring forth in so many unique ways that we can only be conscious and enjoy the variety and beauty of this.

          Later forms of Conscious Levels began to formulate all throughout the world. This was initially the Plane of Mind’s attempt to grasp consciousness in the way others had throughout history. Among some of these theories we have Holder’s three levels of consciousness, Barrett’s seven levels of personal consciousness, and Gibson’s four states of consciousness. All very much stimulated through the Intelligent Impulse in addition to a few combined theories that was perhaps too complex to take serious roots. Many attempts have been made in so many varied ways, yet none have confronted the dual aspects of our natures. The dual understandings of Eastern Thought dwindle as Consciousness continues to find new ways of presenting itself to new generations. Currently this is in the form of Aura Spectrums, Cosmic Personalities, Spiritual Astrology, and Chakras.

Most teachings become convoluted once the concepts of time enter into their teachings. True Consciousness is beyond time, so to consider the Omni-Conscious making a dedicated promise to perform some acts within particular timeframes is at the most mentally fabricated. Placing timespans on any form of spiritual teachings will inevitably denote when that particular teaching was infected with a loss in consciousness. As a Human Species, there are concrete times that are known to us which will be facts, and there are fictitious beliefs that in no way possible can be truth. As Spirits there are concrete truths that are factually known, and periods in our existence which we know never occurred. This is because Consciousness is a continuation from Source and any capable of connecting knows all that is and was. Futuristic postulations are not of Consciousness, Consciousness has little need to know what will be because Consciousness manifest’s what is. The amount of consciousness may determine an outcome of a future event because it is capable of seeing all that is occurring within its existence. But events are changing moment by moment and thus consciousness must stay vigilant and not accept instantly what it conceived previously. Eckhart Tolle’s teachings brought this through quite clearly.

I will end this chapter with all that is needed to be known of Consciousness, Intelligence will attempt to find reasons to accept these truths as expected, and we must find it in our wisdom to give allowance for this. Earth’s Evolution must guide Water’s Evolution with compassion to achieve true unity.

  1. Consciousness knows all of Consciousness
  2. Consciousness knows all of Recorded Time
  3. Consciousness knows all Form
  4. Consciousness has Compassion to all of Creation
  5. Consciousness Manifest Light
  6. Consciousness Manifest it’s Form
  7. Consciousness Manifest it’s Environment      

Understand that we are Conscious Beings knowing all that is conscious, only The Omni-Conscious knows all that is both within the Known Universe and beyond. Many Greater Beings are not of consciousness, and none are Omni-Conscious. This has caused them to believe themselves capable of directing the universe as they see fit among our evolutions. Spoken of in Buddhist Concepts of Planes, these are places where Gods, Demi-Gods, and Elder Gods constantly battle for superiority of the universe. Other among the Greater Beings are Intelligent, they too have grand scale battles deep within the universe for regional control. Only few of the Greater Beings have grasped the truth and were permitted into the embrace of the Higher Hierarchies to guide Earth’s Evolution towards freedom.

          Working from number seven up on the list will be what is considered the last three stages of Water’s development into consciousness. It is not until step four is known that they would achieve the compassion for all beings, therefor many Star Beings would be better understood beyond this point. Same would be true for our religious/spiritual belief systems when looking at what is commanded by their godheads, and what is expressed by their followings. We can only conclude that Water’s Evolution has very prominently structured our paths for quite some time now. “Ye shall know them by their fruits,” Is all that could be added.


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