The Outer Universe 1

The Outer Universe            

Next we look at the Realms in the Outer Universe, which are the Higher Dimensions of Dark and Destruction, should an unfortunate Spirit become stranded within these Realms, it would only be because they possessed awareness at one point and time and through intense amount of chaotic events throughout many cycles have turned inward and contorted in their concepts. Entropy is most attracted to powerful beings, in this I mean spiritually aware ones. The hardest of us to corrupt, yet over time and without the proper strength of the Collective Universe even these Great Beings may deteriorate and lose the love they hold towards all beings. Some of the greatest Spiritual Leaders have met unfortunate ends due to the influence Entropy has over our Spiritual Nature. We generally misdirect what caused these deaths, because we never really take the time to look deeper and see the true influences. Should Spirits end up in the Higher Realms of the Outer Universe, it’s usually due to their connection to the Collective and how Entropy will seek now to feed off their knowledge. Without the continued input of the ever-evolving Consciousness however, these Outer Realms will slowly deteriorate the Spirit and distort a Soul’s awareness.

The Unconscious Level of the Omnipotent Design maybe hard for us to comprehend. We are children of Light and Dark, our very spiritual bodies both physical and spiritual possess the struggle of existence’s ancient war. Imagine Source as a grandmaster at meditation, though perfect and all-knowing with complete harmony in spirit, the physical body continues its life/death battle. The micro-organism within the grandmasters body live and die with very little understanding that they are a part of something grander, the grandmaster does acknowledge the micro-organism because he is consumed in the bliss of being one with the universe, but his connection with them is one of curiosity with little need to interfere with their existence. Taking this now to the Unconsciousness of the Omnipotent Design we must understand that overtime in the course of our existence we have created belief systems that honor what we consider “good”, and oppose what we call “evil” never confronting the fact that they are one in the same and it is only a human concept. Unlike the grandmaster, the Omnipotent Consciousness is awareness in all places within the universe where organisms thrive. When areas no longer possess the flow of its force it is still part of Omnipotence, however it falls into an Unconscious state. In this Unconscious state it is born into a life of its own, cut off from the ever-evolving consciousness it re-creates what it believes to be a functioning system only to contort what is truth. Its goals are then to formulate and mimic what it once was, even though it lacks the connection to the evolving Consciousness. This will become clearer in the following chapters

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