Time Chakra: Recorder of All Existence

Time is perception because perception is thought.  The billions of lights out in the universe are the same size as the atoms in front of our face.  With mere perception we can either be larger than the universe or but a tiny particle in it.  The millions of light years scientists have estimated it would take to reach the furthest galaxy is seen by the prized complexities of the eye.  The eye was evolved to capture light, yet it does much more than that.  It is continuously and consciously recording existence, each living organism is the vehicle of the Time Chakra as the magnificence of light bounces throughout the universe and beyond.

We as spirits view time in a conflicted different aspect that humans.  For since humans are mortal and very much physical, we as spirits grow up clashing with their realities.  We end up living our lives fearing death and only a few grasp true spiritual immortality.  I realize it may be hard to contemplate our creation beyond physical life, I feel that taking us all this far it’s for the best that we learned all.

The Big Bang did spark this universe into existence.  All the expanding galaxies were once compacted into the size and an atom, thus science has accounted for.  They also have an elucidation of the point when time began.  Time began at zero seconds.  At that exact point, the entire universe to date has been recorded.  When seeking the knowledge of the conditions of the universe, the Time Chakra knows all.  Within its recordings it sees that the conditions are met on each planet before life prospers.  Many planets aren’t capable of such creation, the time chakra knows which ones are due to billions of years of experience.  In addition to overseeing the universe, a time chakra keeps all spiritual and physical history on a multitude of planets.  This is why I spoke of timelines, because this chakra is the keeper for immortal karmic lives.  Mastering this chakra means knowing our immortal lives.  For this to be done, we must change the way we perceive life.  Remember time is perception because perception is thought.  A human must travel to a limited destination, we as spirits can change our point in time with merely our thoughts.  This is exactly the power we enact when we remember something in our past, which isn’t easy for most of us since we are too busy struggling in the present.  This makes our memories contorted and very unclear when recalling the past which added to our unawareness confuses us when viewing the full scene in any situation.  For example, when remembering your past are you able to see the expressions on other people’s faces?  Do you know the way the wind was blowing, are all the sounds that were filtering through your ears at once?  Seeing the full scene isn’t easy at first, so we are able to grasp full realization.  The time chakra insists that we take in every moment and make it our own point in time.

To look at life immortally we mustn’t be stuck singularly in the past, present, or future.  You must exist in all of them at once.  You must realize the millions of light years of a mere second’s journey that we travel simply by gazing out at the universe.  You must gain the truth to your essence without your flesh.  You must understand that time travel is possible even if science hasn’t found a way to achieve it.  You must be able to contemplate richly the pure length of time it took for us to achieve the civilization we have today and be there while history was being made.  While performing all these task, we must remain in the present.  In viewing our immortality, you must be everywhere and here at the same time.  All these gifts come to you when you seek to balance this chakra.

Being the analytical side of humans we have advanced humankind greatly over the years.  In the process, we have become lost in the reality of our existence.  The time chakra gives to us back the knowledge of our past, present, and future so we can again learn with accuracy the events unfolding around us.  This power comes in the form of clairvoyance, clairaudience, forms of telepathy, and recognition & dreams.  These powers are all designed to keep us in constant connection with the universe around us.  Some psychics have developed these powers and fall short of truly understanding it because of all the physical devices that are needed to use it.  This gift is granted to us for learning and understanding the spiritual realms, not for fraud which to do so creates negative karma.

Contemplate this, it takes solar system’s billions of years to complete a cycle of birth and death.  All the atoms in our bodies were forged in distant stars long before galaxy was born.  The only exception however is the hydrogen based atoms, which happen to be a product of our physical condition.  My point is this, we are of the universe but only we as spirits can articulate this.  Spiritual comprehension by far surpasses genetic understanding.  This is where we are at in time, and these are the keys to our immortality.  Time is ever present, it collects data on the broadest of scales.  Remember this is an Omni-Chakra and isn’t dependent on us, though when we awaken this chakra we attach to times flow of knowledge.  We become everywhere there is existing time.

Much like the rest of the universes electrical force we as spirits are spherical.  We’ve placed ourselves directly in the center of the human computer, the brain.  The time chakra is located directly between the eyes and 3 inches inward, yet maintain the awareness that the Omni-Chakras reside on our spiritual bodies.  Time records through our eyes making this chakra in charge of our vision.  Though there are many humans with vision disabilities this chakra is not to blame.  These disabilities are physical and are the result of health issues in the genetic line via spine chakra.  Early Hindu religions had an understanding by calling this the ‘third eye’, consider this more of a spiritual eye making our physical eye a reflection of the truth.  Though I’ve never witnessed a spiritually blind soul, I won’t deny it can happen.

Since you’ve already set balance to all the lower chakras, it shouldn’t be difficult to gain access the times wisdom.

1.  Sit comfortably by yourself with a piece of paper and a writing utensil.  Remember to trust fully in yourself at this point in your spiritual journey.  You’re preparing to tap into sources of knowledge that may place the physical body in shock.  This is where we begin our real journey towards released freedom.

2.  Close your eyes and view the room exactly as it is in your spiritual mind.  Look at the many outlets of energy that interconnect in a rhythmic balance.  Some at this point may be able to see the full realization of the room in their mind, some may only see an imagined out line.  Both will work, for visualization is the key to beginning this process.

3.  Dwell in this reality for a while.  Then maintain this viewpoint as you slowly open your eyes.  Fight past a reactive minds fears until you find comfortably yourself within this dual state of awareness.

4.  Slowly and calmly ask yourself how many times have you released from a body?  This number signifies how many lifetimes you’ve had.  The number can be small or large, so when it comes to you don’t argue with yourself just write it down.  There are new spirits born all the time.

5.  Stop the process for day so that you can relax and take in this newfound understanding.  I suggest finding the time to contemplate your life and asking the question,’ why you are who you are?’ Should not to have come to you on the first try, then do not rush yourself and take time out to relax.  When you feel up to trying it at a later time, repeat the process.  Remember that you are seeking to awaken the time chakra, just maintaining a conscious effort may stimulate the awakening.  Even going over the beginning of this chapter helps you to better contemplate and become aware of the time chakra.

6.  Open yourself up to the time chakras influence by closing your eyes and envisioning your point of sight deeper in the eye sockets.  Make sure you grip the writing utensil.  Seek to know the dates of your past lives, you might become dizzy but this is natural for beginners.  Now with your eyes closed, start to write down dates in time that come to mind.  These dates can form in many platforms, some direct and bright others may form out of haze. 

This may be something new to adapt to so don’t worry if the dates aren’t in order.  You’re beginning to tap sources and they seldom come in completely organized at first.  If the dates do not come to you, then you require more time before making this leap.  Once you have the dates, I want you to organize them, then not focus aggressively on it.  If any of the dates are current, then there’s something about that date that may connect you to the past.  Should you know a past life, then write it down.  Otherwise, be calm and allow your history to filter to you as the time chakra awakens.  Do not force instant gratification, for the Omni-Chakras cannot be forced this way.  If it comes to mind that you need to know some point in history then go search.  The time chakra is assisting you and what you need to know.  This is definitely not a rushed process, but you will reap true knowledge when you believe in yourself.

Fortunately for our civilization this greater chakra won’t awaken until there is a harmonizing understanding, meaning we’ve obtained balance and pure thought.  Otherwise we as spirits will receive false information about the environment and life.  You’ll see this in the abundance of unmerciful scriptures on the destruction of the world.  Life is never about death, death is a scare tactic in which we go against our right to prosper as spirits.  There are many more subjects to cover about the time chakra, but you must be able to experience it when the time is right.  On this subject I leave you this, all things known may be changed, but then one must look at the consequences.

Thanks for your Time 🙂



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