Realizing Force in The Known Universe

Introduction: Force in the Scientific Sense

Physics defines Force as having four particular types. All
directly influencing the atom, the glue that holds together
the universe. I believe we all by now have learned of the
parts of an atom, so I will attempt to make this brief.
Within the center of the atom is the cluster of any two
protons and neutrons around the Nucleus, the first type of
force is called the Strong Nuclear Force because its power
to hold together Protons and Neutrons is unfathomable.

When these Protons and Neutrons form a new element by
connecting around the Nucleus a barrier is created around
them which will no longer allow any more Protons or
Neutron, this force is called Weak Nuclear Force. Both
these forms of Force are short ranged existing only in their
initial space. Electromagnetic Force is the force which
exists between all particles which have an electric charge.
For example, electrons (negative charge) bind with nucleus
of an atom, due to the presence of protons (positive
charge). The force is long range in fact, infinite in length of

Many everyday experiences such as friction and
air resistance are due to this force, imagine all the different
factors of the wind moving throughout many directions in a
deep forest. The electrons are constantly meeting resistance
among the tree and will need to create multiple pathways to
move through. The Gravitational Force is the force that
holds us onto the Earth. Gravitational force is cumulative
and extended to infinity. It exists whenever there is matter.
Your body is experiencing a gravitational pull between you
and whatever means your reading this (or anything close to
you or as far away as stars and galaxies) but the effect is so
small you will never sense it.

However, you can sense the
gravitational pull with the Earth (that is, your weight) due
to the cumulative effect of billions of billions of the atoms
within your body and those atoms of the Earth. This means
that the larger the body (containing more matter), the
stronger the force. Though all extremely interesting, the
last two have the most apparent influence on our existence
whereas the first two could, if we understood them better.
Spirits create on a canvas by manipulating force, yet most
of us never contemplate the breakdown of an atom and so
never absorb critical knowledge that’s has been brought to
into the collective understanding.

The only Force that
matters to us is the first, the Strong Nuclear Force. I must
also state that as a society we have actively defined how we
look at the universe, since it is in our nature to label our
beliefs it would be pertinent to place this information here;

  1. Materialism is the view that overall, everything
    exists as matter and energy. This became the most popular
    view in the 20th century.
  2. Realism is the view that the entire universe exists
    independent of our Observation.
  3. Solipsism says that only your mind exists, and
    anything outside of it doesn’t exist. Perhaps influenced by
    eastern philosophy, yet still not fully realized.
  4. Idealism states that Reality is a Mental Construct
    and doesn’t exist independent of Observation.
    Here in #4 is where I seek to take us, it’s so
    important to understand that the truth has been debated by
    some of the greatest minds, even Einstein. I urge you to
    take the journey on your own to gather your own beliefs or
    understandings, for we live now in a society where a wealth
    of knowledge is available to us all.

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