The Outer Universe

Lets look at the Realms in the Outer Universe, which are the Higher Dimensions of Dark and Destruction, should an unfortunate Spirit become stranded within these Realms, it would only be because they possessed awareness at one point and time and through intense amount of chaotic events throughout many cycles have turned inward and contorted in their concepts. Entropy is most attracted to powerful beings, in this I mean spiritually aware ones. The hardest of us to corrupt, yet over time and without the proper strength of the Collective Universe even these Great Beings may deteriorate and lose the love they hold towards all beings. Some of the greatest Spiritual Leaders have met unfortunate ends due to the influence Entropy has over our Spiritual Nature. We generally misdirect what caused these deaths, because we never really take the time to look deeper and see the true influences. Should Spirits end up in the Higher Realms of the Outer Universe, it’s usually due to their connection to the Collective and how Entropy will seek now to feed off their knowledge. Without the continued input of the ever-evolving Consciousness however, these Outer Realms will slowly deteriorate the Spirit and distort a Soul’s awareness.

The Unconscious Level of the Omnipotent Design maybe hard for us to comprehend. We are children of Light and Dark, our very spiritual bodies both physical and spiritual possess the struggle of existence’s ancient war. Imagine Source as a grandmaster at meditation, though perfect and all-knowing with complete harmony in spirit, the physical body continues its life/death battle. The micro-organism within the grandmasters body live and die with very little understanding that they are a part of something grander, the grandmaster does acknowledge the micro-organism because he is consumed in the bliss of being one with the universe, but his connection with them is one of curiosity with little need to interfere with their existence. Taking this now to the Unconsciousness of the Omnipotent Design we must understand that overtime in the course of our existence we have created belief systems that honor what we consider “good”, and oppose what we call “evil” never confronting the fact that they are one in the same and it is only a human concept. Unlike the grandmaster, the Omnipotent Consciousness is awareness in all places within the universe where organisms thrive. When areas no longer possess the flow of its force it is still part of Omnipotence, however it falls into an Unconscious state. In this Unconscious state it is born into a life of its own, cut off from the ever-evolving consciousness it recreates what it believes to be a functioning system only to contort what is truth. Its goals are then to formulate and mimic what it once was, even though it lacks the connection to the evolving Consciousness. This will become clearer in the following chapters.

Within the Lower Realms of the Outer Universe we have the Dimensions of Fears and Internalizations. There are many of us that reside within these dimensions, here irrational and chaotic fears take over and hinders our every move in life. Our beliefs that we are physical and will only have a short time to achieve anything pushes us into a frenzy. Chaos seeps into our powers of creation and fears begin to manifest themselves around us. Here we find pessimism, hopelessness, and depravity in its worst forms. Still a being of creation, we fuel the Outer Universe with abilities and it in turn creates our hell. Within the Realm of Fear, we are living somewhat, yet we aren’t alive and passionate simply moving through the motions accepting life as we believe it to be. We can live many lives in this state, searching for more and never having the ability to connect back to the Collective Universe. In the Realm of Internalizations, our fears have finally taken root at our cores and when we pass on, we fall into a place where other broken spirits have unconsciously collected pushing us further into the dark. Here we find the troubled specters hovering about trying so hard to reconnect to the living, tormenting and harming others in extreme case. This soupy realm resides like an undercurrent to the physical realm and has been known at many times to influence the nature of the unconscious spirits. When looking at the great devastations and genocides that have taken place on entire continents and have never been spiritually cleansed, we could begin to see why it’s so hard to rise above our conditions in life.

Here within the Outer Realms of the Lower Dimensions we have over time fell into a Collective Sub-Conscious State. Sub-Conscious because it was Self-Created with the unity of our screams and fears for so long. We possess a tether that has been spoken of by many Astral Projector, the cord is of varied strength depending upon your connection to the Outer Universe, and we will always possess this if we possess Egoic Attachments, even when we slip far into an unconscious state. This tether was designed by The Holy Hierarchy to pull us back onto the path, there are just two scenarios where this tether will break, if we fully awaken and loose Ego Attachments, or if we sink into the Higher Realms of the Outer Universe. While in the Realm of Fear we still have some amount of choice to decide to pull ourselves free of devastation, in the Realm of Internalizations this is not an option. We merge so intensely with the Collective Sub-Conscious State that all wrong beliefs and view become our only reality supported with all other lost spirits, our spiritual cords are thinned and so translucent that only the powers of an Aware Being can stimulate it back and begin to assist our pathway back towards spiritual healing. This Realm was self-created by us through our fear to survive on a planet that has eaten, beaten, and killed us for millions of years. It has been made more powerful with the evolution of humans, our advanced states of unconsciousness have created a very real hell that seeks to grow with every Spirit it assimilates. The more we are made to fear, the more it will impose that fear into our living space.

If you will note, when looking at the Elemental Chart, Dark resides in the center. We can understand how it has influence on all connected Kingdoms. But it is contained and surrounded at once, but constantly finding new ways to spread itself. Our Domain is just above Dark, and in the stages of formation, we are responsible for realizing the end result and deciding our fate. Each of the Realms in the Outer Universe seeks to reflect its opposite Realm in the Collective. With intensely different effects. Order is a place that pulls together the Omnipotent Consciousness and connect its Spiritual Beings, this will allow us to reach out and connect to the Design of Creation. Entropy seeks to replicate this Design but fails without Source’s ever flowing force. So instead it feeds off itself depleting its energy, and then seeks to find more in desperation. It isn’t a struggle to the death because the Collective Universe is Creation Materialized. This means that should events ever lead to the point when Dark over encompasses Light, all that is light will boil to a point in creation and then the will of the Omnipotent Consciousness will simply materialize again in a great flowing to begin the cycle anew. It is for us to end this cycle when we finally realize the why and how.

Remember the story of the grandmaster? Imagine now if the grandmaster had it within his power to harmonize every part of his body and there would be no more destruction among the micro-organism. All creatures that existed within the grandmaster’s body was at peace and prospered in all their unique ways. Imagine that this occurred because some of those organism developed a way to communicate to the grandmaster, the yogi then through this new connection was able to create harmony through them and develop a miniature universe where every creature was working towards the common good of the body and there were no longer need for war or wants. This could be hard to even imagine, but it’s the future to come if we connect and continue to grow towards our truth.

The raw potential of Creation is untapped by the spiritual world, thus far only reserve for Greater Beings. Even now the pathways we possess here to achieve such greatness so far only tell us to be humble and not make grand displays of such gifts. They warn that we should live in silence because the world “isn’t ready” for such feats. However, I must play Devil Advocate here, what is all these “reasons” we possess is merely a way for us to hamper down on our true potential so that we never are able to give another being a glimpse of what can truly be? There are Greater Beings that choose to keep themselves secret to us, but they have their reasons. But then there are those who exist throughout even this world that never come forward. Within a Buddhist prayer, the Sangha (body or community) calls forth to honor Buddha’s, all other Beings that have the potential to become Buddha’s, and the Buddha’s that have hidden themselves to please come forth and grant us their wisdom. My point here is that within the Spiritual Collective we are very aware of one another and are unified in our goals. We may even communicate in ways that our minds may not yet fully understand, but we are all here. Existing within the Realms, Planes, and Dimensions.

Now I will take us into the places we refuse to view, where truth is twisted into beliefs that hinder our very ability to prosper. The Outer Universe, full of Unconsciousness and lack of growth, incapable of connecting to the richness of life and the everlasting supply of Consciousness, it reflects a place that feeds upon itself as it mimics what it conceives to be right. Light-Workers and Healers work tirelessly to bring Consciousness into these Realms and the Beings that reside here. A Light-Worker is able to bring conscious energy back into a damaged space, where a Light-Healer is able to bring consciousness back to a lost Soul. But in the end, it takes the Unconscious Being to change its place within the Realms, for they are responsible for their own life path. For these Damaged Souls, I will lay their Unconsciousness before us so that we are never again deceived. 

Unconsciousness begins to grow the same as Consciousness, when we move our Observations into areas that we perceive to be the workings of the Grand Design but are mistaken. We allow ourselves to be influenced by the groups we are attached to without taking an aware viewpoint for ourselves, and over time this becomes the norm. We then tend to follow what the “new ways” of existing are in our communities, not because we know it to be right, but because that’s what everyone is doing. We become afraid to move outside of these viewpoints. Overtime, continuing this way darkness begins to eat at our Consciousness as it conflicts with our original concepts of oneness, and we begin to attempt to form our own understandings from what we once knew was right. Yet without connections with the Source, we aren’t presented with current understandings from within the Collective Consciousness and must piece together what we believe to be right. We continue this way until we seek to feed off anyone or anything, we believe will make us feel this connection again, or fill the gap that is left in our souls. In the worst extremes, we end up taking on the conception that our survival is paramount to any others in our existence, for everything is just for us to experience. Every hardship is ours alone and those who hurt us must be dealt with. In the lowest of the Outer Universe, we find ourselves so completely disconnected that there is nowhere for us to grow. We are born into a realm where hunger is so intense and cannot be filled by any source, yet our influence over infecting others is strong as we fight to get the smallest samples of Consciousness to survive. Feeding off of the Collective this way takes from the Conscious Spirits that dwell here, hindering then from growing unless they become Consciously Aware of the infection.

It is also time we look at what we are doing to our own bodies that may cause the Outer Universe to take hold. All of the Conscious Universe survives in a complete circle of processed energy, our bodies have evolved to do just this. Should we choose to take in meat or take in vegetables it is and will only be of a personal belief detailed within our very unique paths. It is the way in which we take in these foods that we have to acknowledge. In societies, we pack chemical pollutants into our foods we inevitably consume which is excessively destructive to ours and family’s bodies. We pollute the airs in which we breathe with little concern for the effects and build ways of energy that are detrimental to our lives even when they are contained. We digest our bodies with drugs, with little knowledge or concerns for what it will do to us. And we have children during these events, infecting them with all we have lingering within us. And this is just the physical side of it. Should we find that we show personality traits within the Outer Universe don’t become too discouraged. I offer this as a wisdom, we may all jump throughout the Realms on varied degrees and opinions. Those that are most in danger of losing themselves are those who aren’t capable of seeing these faults within. We operate on Consciousness alone, and it is the degree in which we possess it that will determine our strength in these darker realms, if we ever awakened in past lives our Consciousness will be stronger if we fall. As I have learned, do not feel guilt either, for even in falling there are lessons to learn, and paths to realize.

[Chapter 10] Confronting Our Destruction

I give you this as a means to elevate our Consciousness, not a means to acknowledge one another’s faults, or point fingers of suspicion. I say truthfully, if you should feel above any portions within this chapter, a very in-depth contemplation of oneself will be needed. I have written all before this as a means to know your worth as a true Child of Creation. To know well our possibilities and capabilities to grow into Blessed Beings. To do this will require a thorough cleansing of first our Souls, then the Souls around us…


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