Sub-Plane Of Connections

Just wanted to give some food for thought, before I start my work week. This is in reference to the path we take within the physical plane and for the first time (in most cases) begin our journey into higher planes of Consciousness. Thanks all and have a great week.

Here is a body instilled with creation’s force and will, born into the Physical Universe. We have the Conscious ability in-between our birth to death cycle of learning what lessons must be learned for greater awareness, at this stage we see what hinders us from our understandings and can begin to take responsibility for our Karmic Debt. There are hidden depths to each Soul, we may only know as much as our evolved consciousness can perceive. Yet this is the first steps of truly taking control over our existence through the acceptance of what wrongs and kindness we have done. We naturally possess Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, with a developing form of Telepathy. With our newfound gifts for piercing through Corruption of The Outer Universe, we become the force to which Source will cleanse the planet. Higher Orders of Light will communicate to us many ways, from dreams, experiences, to even directly. We are now strong enough to move into the infection and cleanse it with the purest will to create it anew. We are unconcerned about those who disagree, because we have come to our lifetime with a purpose to heal the planet. There are many Spiritual Leaders which will come to our thoughts, their sacrifices and teachings were initially hard to comprehend. Then they unlocked new ways in which we observed our world and awakened us. We are only just now seeing the truth of Christ’s great sacrifice in new light within only the last few hundred years.

Awakening this lifetime: If we should awaken here in this lifetime and not be reincarnated into it, then the process would be different. The connections are forging us into advanced consciousness now, streamers are extending outward in thousands of directions from our Astral Forms and connecting to the Collective Universe. We are aware of all that is around us, and eventually this is strengthened in dependence of our attention. A new Consciousness is beginning to form in this beginning phase. When we speak, communication to others comes forth with a clarity and truth that could shake the viewpoints of the others spoken to. We see and feel truth so deeply that many may fall away from us because they choose to stay hidden from it. We can actually feel this force as we begin to speak as a soft flow that pulls forth from the universe and exits through our voice.

Many Mediums and Spiritual Leaders mistake this as an outside force and develop wrong views during this time should they have come this far on the Collective Path. They can either create personas of this and event ceremonies to connect to this outside force. Inevitably, these wrong views will call forth corruption and stunt their growth, and all that follow their directions. The truth is, we were meant to blend with this new Consciousness and surpass what we are currently. We have developed to form new realizations, and thus become a Greater Being. It is always best during this time to seek refuge without the influence of belief structures. Spiritual Retreats will serve no purpose for us because we will be around so many different levels of Beings and pounded with so much chaotic energy that we would not be able to find solace. I suggest Tai-Chi during this time or Zen Buddhism as long as you remain fully focused in Consciousness.

The goal here is to accept this advancement and disregard the voices that hinder you, which you now feel more than hear. You can end up feeling pressure that you have to “Do Something”, but you do not. You have done much so far, this is a lifetime of quiet contemplation and learning. You can do anything your current life asks of you or do nothing in harmony and the Collective will provide for you each and every time. I’m reminded of Eckhart Tolle’s awakening as he sat on a bench for a lengthy amount of time in peace and observed the world. People eventually without fail brought food and drink to him and sustained him until he was ready to become the beautiful being, he is today.


Gifts can be a bit tricky to define here, your path is unique among any others. Powers that you stimulate to manifest will become one with your Astral Form and will forever be an addition to any reincarnation that you take. These Gifts are generally branched from your upper Chakras and you can quite easily develop all within your individual way through Conscious attention. You can directly, Speak Truth, See Truth, or Know Truth. The first two will need your presence whereas the last does not. The world is a fantastically active place, and Greater Beings generally tone down their active viewing of this as to not scare the locals. Even when two Greater Beings meet it will appear to others as a very normal interaction, when in fact they are exchanging communications that is beyond others to comprehend. As I have said, the spirit does not communicate with words.

Another Gift here is the ability to raise the Conscious levels of all Collective Beings within an area depending on your strength as a Greater Being. The strongest of us can hold groups of thousands by perhaps saying very little, because the people aren’t coming to hear them speak, it is just a fill in for appearances. The truth is they are coming to feel Conscious, and for that time they are elevated to the possibilities of what they can achieve. There will always be corrupted forms throughout any event to challenge the Guru’s. For the most part, they are welcomed, for they need our support most. Greater Beings develop this Gift in so many different ways, some through humor, some through disciplined crowds, and some through direct actions such as meditation groups of the like. But in the end, they can just sit quietly and smile upon us while imparting Consciousness to the attendees, any Initiates to the path will sense it.            

The last Gift here, will be the ability to Cleanse Corruption, we do this through our newfound Conscious Levels. With a stronger connection to Source, we possess a tireless flow of Conscious Energy that can be focused, moved about through our will, and placed where we desire it to be. We focus it when we wish to break corruption at a point, or on and Unconscious Being we wish to free. We can blanket it across an area that has been corrupted through past experiences. Or we settle it upon areas we wish to become safe havens, depending on our strength it can be settled over massive terrains. Cities and Countries that have known long eras of peace come to mind, but I have not met a Soul capable of producing this effect upon the whole of the planet, for this we require The Collective. There is no need for contemplations at this point forward, we have come into our own realizations and have been welcomed officially into The Light.



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