Water’s Evolution Understanding Form

Volume 2 in the Universal Consciousness Series in production

We have a complete history of being told that we cannot know The Mind of God. Yet Souls have unaccountably risen up throughout our societies and have been made immortalized because they did just this. We end up fabricating enriched stories to place them on high pedestals and run to them for answers of the deepest mysteries. These Greater Beings simply smile upon us in true understanding of our plight. For the path to gain what they have is really about accepting the simplicity of our situations. We doubt ourselves in so many ways, which in turn creates so many complexities and hurtles to achieve peace within and without. Just to be in the presence of these Greater Beings gives to us a semblance of what we once had as truth. Once they have moved on, the fragments of their understandings develop in so many ways that few later generations can follow the origination.

If we could just find the truth that consciousness is the knowledge of all life, in all existence, we would no longer have these doubts. We would come to realize that we do not require to know the mind of God, but that we are all of God, as God. This comes pressingly hard to comprehend when in conflict with the physical universe, and thus given forms. When formulating Universal Understandings, I acknowledge that many teachings point us in the right direction. These understandings unfortunately may not be in consistency with our current state of conscious progression.

As Spiritual Leaders have awakened throughout time, they generally speak to us in terms of our current evolutionary development. We as grasping spirits tend to hold on far too long to these teachings, unable to see them for a momentary step towards growth. Great examples of this would be Siddhartha Gautama and Jesus of Nazareth. They both spoke with the voice of Consciousness, but what was being said to us many have missed. The Buddha spoke to us about pulling away from materialism. Our spiritual development required this at the time as philosophies and industrializations threatened to pull us away from our conscious evolution, thus away from our unity with one another. Later, The Christ spoke to us about moving forward. Our spiritual development was strong enough, and now able to take on a new form of understanding, eternal life was now capable of comprehension.

In both these cases it was the Omni-Consciousness speaking to us in a way that we could at the time understand. Though the Omni-Consciousness is primarily concerned with our spiritual development, there is in fact another evolution which has progressed before us. Consciousness would not have been able to manifest without the other’s evolution laying the groundwork for Earth’s Evolution to take place. Whereas Earth’s Evolution is the building stone for spirit to manifest consciousness, Water’s Evolution is for form to manifest mind. These two will evolve quite differently due to the faculties they possess. Both possessing consciousness within degrees in consideration to their connection and strength to Source. Both very much still existing here today on Earth.

Understanding Water’s Evolution will be the bridgeway we most lack in our spiritual development. Though Water’s Evolution has already taken form far beyond the time of The Lemurians, it would not had been possible without consciousness. Those Greater Beings of Water’s Evolution have visited Earth on many occasions and have also been immortalized in our eyes. They taught in a way that would be foreign to our earthen development, because these teachings weren’t meant for us as Consciously Collective Beings. They were for Water’s Evolution’s completion, of their final stage of development. I will need to lay down a structure of understanding for this to be fully comprehended by us.

In my first book, Consciousness; Earth’s Evolution Spiritually Realized on a few occasions it may have come off that I was against the technological evolution, but this would be far from the truth. Consciousness is what we are, to be fully realized spiritually is to pass through these doorways of understanding’s and truth. And so, the first book dealt with just consciousness and repairing the collective consciousness. This can only be done by Conscious Spiritual Beings.

This second book, Mindfulness; Water’s Evolution Understanding Form will take on an evolution before conscious development. A time period where Intelligence ruled within the Plane of Mind. We will learn of the origins of The Universal Mind and how it differentiates from The Omni-Consciousness. How those of Water’s Evolution fought cosmic battles throughout their survival to be granted consciousness. I will speak of the different development of the Plane of Dark’s influence within Water’s Evolution and how these past events still have influence on us today. I will bring new insight of the Beings known as Jesus of Nazareth, of Lucifer the Light Bearer and their influences in todays world. I will break down evolution in it’s basic, yet powerful scientific realities and how they have made life develop with a designed plan in mind. There will be further understanding of reincarnation, and will properly define Intelligence/Consciousness, two misperceived for far too long. Too many words such as Awakened, Self-Consciousness, and Awareness have been moved about without a proper understanding. I have come to understand that this is due to the dual conceptualization of the Earth/Water Evolutions that have resided within our development.

This book will be dedicated again to evolving our Universal Understandings and taking all that we have been taught into a solitary reality of what is. Here you will find the Principles of the Kybalion, other Hermetic philosophy, and Esoteric origins of the Alchemist. The voices of the Egyptian Gods via the newly formed Law of One, and various Books of the Dead from Tibetan to Egyptian. The bulk of this book will focus on Vedanta and the development of Eastern Philosophies, these are the manifestation of the Plane of Mind. Intelligence is a complexed and structured event within the Known Universe, unlike the less convoluted progression of Consciousness. I will forewarn of the technicalities which will make this book a slow read at time to digest its information. In the end you will come through with an understanding that has been well needed for some time within our current Earth’s Evolution. For our Dualities are multifaceted and our progression rapid within this last century. Universal Understanding has become essential.

There will be little need for self-improvements such as with the first book, for Water’s Evolution has already completed itself. We just need to come to full consciousness of it and apply these understandings to further ourselves as one. There may be blocks within us that may not wish to look at what is given, and so I tread lightly on opening up the understandings within. I apologize for those that are fully ready to receive.

There will be a conscious understanding of Star Beings and their place within our Universal Family. Many of these unknown Greater Beings that have visited throughout our understanding from Zecharia Sitchin’s work to Erich von Däniken have a place in our Universal Understandings. It may be surprising to know that they are more akin to us than we have consciously realized. Humanoid in appearance because we share the fundamentals of existence, regardless of the millions of years of development. Though through evolution some have gained such consciousness, we must understand that not all Beings that have matured will have just realizations. For like us, they too can succumb to the corruption of the Outer Universe. Some have come back and only view us as children, not fully able to recognize our connection to them. Whereas the greater among the Star Beings, have shed physical form and haven’t fully been able to communicate to us until we evolve to our spiritual capabilities. Understanding their plight will give to us a better realization of these connections.

I will speak of the times when the Omni-Consciousness incarnated in the form known to us as The Sublime Hare Krishna. What was to be learned and how we fragmented the understandings due to our conscious levels moving forward. There is much this book will detail to prepare for the last in this trilogy, and finally reveal the realm in which consciousness resides. This is a journey for all of us as my consciousness is moved to formulate a comprehensible universal understanding. What is known, and how it can be communicated is the goal. All Books are rapidly moving forward.


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