Realm, Planes, Dimensions


I mean to throw away some concepts we may have of the universe that we live in. It’s not that these concepts are incorrect, it’s just that we are seeking to evolve in our spirituality and for that we need to redesign our viewpoints of the physical world. I’ve discussed how we formed and controlled our creation. My discussion centered on our power that we wielded to create the bodies through our ever-evolving chakra points. The extent of our control was only limited to our access to the Omni-Chakras and our Astral forms. The difference between the Realms and the Chakras is that we consciously need to be aware of the Chakras to create a true awakening, however with the Realms they were with us from beginning-less time and are one with our very creation.

            Like strings that connect to a puppet they lock us into a pattern of great joy or deep misery. We move throughout the chart that I will show you thousands of time a day in some cases. But over the course of eons performing the countless number of storylines we as spirits will inevitably fall into the same patterns. Even if we possess the darkest of tendencies over time when we die, we are supposed to be able to set our next lifetime to righting those wrongs and placing ourselves on a much more prestigious path. That is unless we are too entrenched by the influence of the Outer Universe.

            The Outer Universe consist of all that isn’t lit in the night sky, should we see any color, then this is not the Outer Universe. It’s the fill in that we see in the horizon at night between the stars, galaxies, and universes. We’ve known for some time now that dark matter is still matter, just of a different kind. Where the Collective Universe communicates and expands through Light producing Vibrations, the Outer Universe replicates this through Echo’s, a mimicry of life. I’m reminded of this whenever I meditate for an hour, calming the mind comes only after you quieted it and then pull away from the distracting noise pollution that fills the environment. Sounds produces Vibrations which are the products of Physical Life, an Echo in this sense is the aftereffects that scatter about off the vibration and is only achieved when density is present. Density has layers beyond our current understanding, even beyond the realms that atoms inhabit. Sound defined for this topic would be; mechanical radiant energy that is transmitted by longitudinal pressure waves in a material medium (such as air) and is the objective cause of hearing. Whereas the neutral product is a Vibration that would be defined as; a periodic motion of the particles of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from the position of equilibrium when that equilibrium has been disturbed. An Echo is defined as a: the repetition of a sound caused by reflection of sound waves bthe sound due to such reflection ca repetition or imitation of another: Reflection.

Spirits do not require vocal cords to get their communication across, perhaps the reason why it’s difficult to explain some of our deepest insights. However, when we are in the presence of truth, we know it because it deepens our connection with the entire world around us. To get here however, vocal cords were needed, and one could say they have taken over. Communication has gotten to become so aggressive that everyone has a viewpoint about everything, and when they don’t, they pretend to have one. Our cities are cluttered with a continued clambering that says, “Look, I’m here and have so many things to do and say!”

            Vibrations fluctuate particles, they are also the stuff of gravity moving this entire universe on towards the Outer Universes final design. Constantly bouncing off one another and breaking large pieces of debris throughout the universe the Outer Universe caters to the Realm of Entropy scattering matter, however its true prize is to scatter Beings born of the Collective Universe. For when our powers of Creation are turned into dark patterns, our presence drains the life from the environment. I’m reminded of those that have the power to keep us stranded in meaningless conversation for hours, and when it’s over we literally feel that we lost a piece of our life because we are so drained. I’m sure they are not aware of what they do on most occasion, but they are feeding off our energies and gathering Consciousness to supply something other than themselves. For any Consciousness we seek to bring to them, and their situations seem to not absorb. We must learn to direct our Conscious communication to the things which bind them in their slumbering state, not to the Echo/Reflection that stands before us. This takes skills and experience, for there are many times that this can turn out as an assault on the dark forces that contain them. 

            Where a Vibration can carry a positive flow of emotions such as love and kindness, it can also harbor a negative flow of fear and hate. These are just two examples of these emotions, where the positive emotions connect to Life and Source, the negative emotions call forth the Outer Universe. I hope we are now coming to some realizations why wars and great sufferings have the ability to echo great distances and affect many Souls, sometimes for generations. These created events have just one cause, us. We are the only Beings capable of creation, we are the Souls influenced and corrupted to create the world we currently see. See past your current life and see that we are family to a greater unit, see finally that all things matter in our world. Know all events can be cleanse of the corruption, if we can mature and finally take on true responsibility as a Collective Consciousness. We must learn to emit Consciously our flows of positive emotions when we communicate, for we all read these energies omitted from one another. The lost souls will view them with suspicion, eventually they will be cleansed which I noticed on many instances.   

            A Realm is a term used for a territory over which a portion of consciousness exist, all consciousness envelopes the whole of the universe in “one form or another”, meaning even an unconscious state is still included within a realm simply in another form. A realm may have many parts, yet whereas a Realm is directly connected to a collection of bodies as one, a Plane or Dimension is connected to a multitude of individual bodies.

The following chart will explain how energy flows throughout these Realms. Note that how within the Collective, Source and Spirits move towards unity and order. Whereas within the Outer Universe, Unconsciousness creates fragmented pockets stemming from Entropy. If we were able to imagine and superimpose the two universes on top of one another, then we would truly see the body of what we termed in this universe as God. Collectively awake granting us Life and Light, and outwardly asleep Fragmented in Dark.

Realms, Planes, and Dimensions


Can we realize our place in this awakened consciousness as new ways of living spring forth and harmonize with the planet? For some of us it might just be adding our energy and accepting this new world free of fears that might influence others. The end goals will all be the same, giving us the ability to free ourselves from the physically constraint world and expand our consciousness to envelope all paths. To view all actions within the world as wisdom to be gained, and that wisdom develops new horizons for the spirits that continue the rebirth cycles here. To be born with the awareness of the spirits that you have journeyed alongside for what would seem an eternity and be able to assist them in healing any negative karma that we share. To work towards strengthening our bonds with positive light, and the essence of life manifested into truth. To break the concepts of physical singularity into spiritual wholeness. To raise the frequencies of our bodies, so we can take charge of our evolution and transform into the beings we were meant to.

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